About gLee

gLee! Musical groups composed by male or female voices or mixed voices are called "glee club". In italian "glee" means "gioia" and it is not referred to the mood of the music or singers, but to the form of english song popular between 1650 and 1900, called "glee ". so, about gLee?

These groups are specialized in the singing of short songs by trios or quartets and after superseded by choral groups. in london in 1787 was founded in harrow school the first glee group and after they were popular in england until the mid 1850 and after superseded by choral groups.
These groups were no common in the 20th century but the term remained to identify choirs found in japanese and north american colleges and universities. The oldest glee club in the united states is the harvard glee club, founded in 1858.
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